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*Trigger Warning* post discusses miscarriage.
When we got pregnant we started designing our forever home. Now the walls are up, the siding is on, the deck is in, but my baby’s nursery is now a room. A room that is being designed for ifs and whens. It’s a room that looks as empty as I feel. I feel alone and isolated being screened for sensitive content and handled with care. I feel lost because I know it could be worse, so I feel like I’m expected to be past it all heading into July a put together version of myself but I’m not. .
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Reader’s Choice

When July Never Comes

My world stopped, my heart broke, the air around me was no longer supplying life to my soul rather just enough to make it through each day. Enough air to get out of bed, go to work, eat, sleep then wake up the next day and repeat. The calendar, the weather, the new summer fashions are all telling me its summer, but I find myself frozen in December.

May Editor’s Pick

Ladies Stop Chewing

Whether you’re a SAHM, a lady boss, or a hustler; as women we tend to be our own worst critics, but why? Naturally, we are very different than our male counterparts. The difference between men and women is probably most highlighted in the work place. We often internalize. We blame ourselves first and look for what we did wrong instead of patting ourselves on the back and celebrating a job well done. Why are we are own worst critics when we know we have done the work, know the answer, or believe our ideas can work?