Beautifully made for you.

Dear Baby

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Its 5am, a time I used to find myself still in bed or clinging to my first cup of coffee. Instead I find myself peeking over your crib to say our first words of the day, good morning. And that it is. You greet me with your morning smile, the smile that makes my world stand completely still. In that moment all I see is you. The worries of yesterday are gone and the rest of the day is nonexistent as I store a still shot of your morning smile in my memory.

This is the smile I will see….

As you take your first wobbly steps.

When you lose your first tooth.

The moment you turn to wave goodbye one last time as you start the first grade.

On the day you get embarrassed and roll your eyes as I shout “I love you” in front of your friends.

The moment you walk down stairs showing off your cap and gown.

When you call me and tell me you got the big job.

While I watch you marry the love of your life.

On the day you welcome your first child into the world.

The late night you call me mid breakdown because you just can’t get the baby to sleep.

The morning you call to say, “Mom I see it, I see the morning smile.”

Your morning smile makes my time stand still, yet shows me all of what life has in store for you. In each moment I will see the person you’re becoming through your morning smile looking up at me.

Love you forever & always,


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