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Today is the Day

Today is the Day

It can be difficult to wrap our minds around concepts that do not have an end. We hear the words fitness journey and our brains are instantly overwhelmed by the list we create in our heads.

  • I have to lose weight.

  • I need to eat better. Where do I start?

  • I need to start meal prepping. But how do I even meal prep?

  • I need to start working out. Do I join a gym? What do I do at the gym?

….and the list goes on and on….

When I start working with clients I ask them 2 questions and usually hear the same answers.

  • Is it hard for you to come to the gym? Yes, I just never have time.

  • Is it hard for you to eat right? Yess girl, I just love food too much!

All the information in the world isn’t going to help your fitness journey if your mindset is limiting you. It is daunting to think of the million things on your fitness list. Fitness isn’t an end goal it is a lifestyle. If fitness is not part of your journey yet, this can be one of the biggest road blocks for you to get past in order to make it part of your lifestyle.The big picture is too massive to tackle at once, so minimize the change. Don’t think about 6 months from now, 1 year from now, don’t even think about tomorrow! Think about today. What can I do TODAY? Think about all your goals for just that ONE DAY. If you can take your goals day by day you will be amazed at the change you will see in your mind and body. TODAY TODAY TODAY!

Can you workout today? Yes!

Can you stay hydrated today? Yes! Go get that cute water bottle you have been eyeing at target you will be using it!

Can you get a good nights sleep today? Yes!

Focus on the present, forget the past, forget the future. Amazing things happen when you focus on today.

Dear Baby

Dear Baby

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