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Become the Person with Abs

Become the Person with Abs

So I read this the other day and it just really hit home with me. This is exactly what I had to do to get to where I’m at now! 

You don't get abs and THEN become the person with abs.

You have to become the person with abs FIRST, and then, eventually you will have them.

Ooooooh, yeah, buddy - such a simple quote, but there is so much truth to unpack in those two short sentences.

It's a bit of fake it 'til you make it for sure. If you have a goal to accomplish, you have to be the person who has already accomplished the goal before you will actually accomplish the goal.

Does that make sense? 

The same is true with any aspect of fitness.

Want to lose 50 pounds?

You have to be the person who is 50 pounds lighter.

If you follow that person's habits, eventually, the 50 pounds will be gone.

Same with abs, in response to the original question.

A person with abs is very conscious of their choices. They don't make a bunch of mistakes. Most days, they're spot on with their nutrition. They tend to be consistent in the gym, no matter what.

And the fantastic part - is that if you act like the person with abs for long enough..........the most incredible thing actually do get those abs.

Pretty damn cool, huh?

It's a bit of fake it 'til you make it for sure.

But any physical change is going to require a habit change and a mental change first.

Try it for yourself - begin to adopt the habits of your fitness inspirations, and see what kind of benefits you achieve from them.

You may just surprise yourself. :)



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