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3 Side Effects of Trying to Conceive

3 Side Effects of Trying to Conceive

We all have a unique journey trying to conceive, but there are some side effects we all face when working to create our bundles of joy. It stems from all the emotions we deal with and because let's face it trying to conceive simply makes us all some kind of crazy. 


The Infamous Line Eyes

This one is my favorite. I have created imaginary lines on probably every stick I have peed on since my first cycle of trying to conceive. It is that tortuous conversation with yourself that maybe if I look at it outside in natural light or if I take a picture and filter it there will totally be a second line there.


It is never the line you can speak about though. It is the one you place there mentally to give yourself a moment of hope, a moment of peace, and just one single moment to bask in the reality that you could be carrying a beautiful miracle.


Period, but Pregnant? 

This comes with the denial stage in the five stages of grief I face every cycle my good ole friend comes to visit. I have my period, but I totally am pregnant I just know it.  Your google searches for the first two days of your period consist of...period, but pregnant? and BFP after period?!  Nope! That is just your period.


Friends love to tell you about their sisters cousin's best friend that had her period for the first two months she was pregnant. Their intentions, hopefully, are good but in most cases this only makes this side effect preside longer then we wish.


The Trash Can Positive

There is something about throwing away a pregnancy test that makes me feel like all hope is gone. So instead of accepting what was clearly in front of my face, I continue to torture myself by revisiting my trash can to pull out the test I took 10 minutes ago because I just might have missed it! While that is never the case it seems as if as soon as my big negative hits the trash can that a positive is waiting for me. It never hurts to triple check, right? 


All of these side effects are from the hope we fight for while trying to conceive. The last thread of positive thinking we hold on to before accepting the reality that it still isn't our time. So in the mean time, embrace the crazy and keep believing in your miracle. 

"Stand up, drop your pants." said the most boring man ever.

"Stand up, drop your pants." said the most boring man ever.